Italpel offers the uniqueness of the customization of articles for the apparel industry, footwear, furniture and accessories manufacturing on raw materials or with the realization of finished products.

Pompons and Accessories

We produce internally any accessory required from pompon (in rabbit, rex rabbit, fox, raccoon or mink) in any size, color and finishing, to any particular accessory detail as our rose flowers in rex rabbit and mink. We supply also tails of mink, fox, racoon or coyote natural or dyed.

Carpets and Blakets

Customized producion of carpets and blankets with any fur skin.

Printing and Dyeing

Our wide range of prints are made on rabbit fur or lamb kid fur and included many print designs.

We can dye in any solid colors, two colors or multicolors.

For more information or to receive a complete list of our prints, please contact us by mail.

Application of canvas

On request, we apply an adhesive canvas (cotton, polyester or microfibre) resistant and soft to add strength to leather.

Fur edgings, moldings and collars

We create edges, shapes, stripes and collars with all types of fur in any measure, trying to satisfy all requests, even the most demanding.

Inlaied and customized furs

We can create combinations of different colors or between different furs, whose only limit is the imagination of the customer.

Laser stamp

Engraving designs, laser in many patterns and possibility to realize your logo or your own idea. 

Leather Manufacturing

Leather can be foiled, printed in different patterns (as anaconda snake, crocodile, python and more) or dyed in any color, even different from the one of the fur.