Water snakes: Homalopsis Buccata

Homalopsis Buccata Finished masked water snake back cur and front cut

Ayers snake - Homalopsis Buccata  or Finished Masked water snake-thin and durable, natural marked, matt or glossy colored, bleached, printed.

Skins or panels.

Size: 10-11 cm, 12-13 cm, 14/up cm.

Back cut or Front cut.

Patchwork panels 60x120 cm.

Sea Snakes: Lapemis Hardwickii

Lapemis Harwickii skins

Lapemis Hardwickii - or Hardwicke's sea sneke - thin and durable, natural marked, beached, matt or glossy colored, printed.

Size 12-14 cm.

Earth snakes: Elaphe Carinata and Elaphe Radiata

Elaphe Carinata King rat snake front cut and back cut skins

Elaphe Carinata snake (or King Ratsnake) and Elaphe Radiata (or Radiated Ratsnake)natural marked, matt or glossy colored, printed or bleached.

Size: from 10-11 cm, 12-13 cm o 14/up cm.

Front cut or back cut.


Salmon skin or panel

Salmon leather is thin, very flexible but very tough. It is  available in matt or glossy colored. It lends itself to be dyed in any color and printed in any fantasy. The technical realization of our panels (50x100 cm), without seams between individual skins, allows the customer to optimize their use and avoid excessive waste.

Tilapia fish

Tilapia leather

Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) leather matt finished, glossy, matt with tipping, glossy with tipping,

Size from 10 cm/up.

Elk and deer

Elk and deer

The elk leather, very rare and very high quality, is one of the finest in the world. Its thickness ranging from 0.7 to 2.2 mm. It  is very soft and can be colored or printed in any color and fantasy.


eel panels

The eel leather is thin but strong and supple. Its elegant and bright appearance is especially appreciated in the accessories sector.It is sold in panels 60x150 cm and can be dyed in any color.