Cavallino (Calf Hair Skin)

Very high quality of Cavallino skins (Calf hair skin or Hairy cowhide skin), natural or dyed, printed or customized with studs or matallic finish.

Available also with long fur.

Sheep skins: shearling and lining

Sheep skins for lining and shearling with suede, nabuk or nappa leather.

Fur can be shaved, curly or ironed.

Merino, Toscana, Tigrado, Lacon, Baby lamb skins and many other kind of skins.

Whole skins: fox, mink, raccoon pelts

Foxes, Raccoons, White raccoons, minks in several sizes and finishing.


The rabbit has a soft and medium length fur. It can be natural white, chinchilla-like or  hare-like, with natural fur, shaved or plucked, dyed, printed and manufactured  on any customer request.


Tibet Lamb, Kid, Kidassia Goat, Persian, Kalgan, Tienjin, Cashmere goat

Capretto kid, Kalgan, Mongolia e capra Kidassia colorata

Goats and lambs rage includes Kalgan Lamb, Tianjin Lamb, Pearl Lamb, Astrakhan Lamb, Kid Goat (short fur, medium or long fur-kidassia), Tibet Lamb ( long or short fur), Cashmere Goat, Xiang Lamb, Kid Lamb and they can be natural or dyed in any color.

Rex rabbit

Coniglio Rex naturale, tinto etinto con punte bicolori, pompon in rex

Rex rabbit is very valuable, very thick and with a texture similar to velvet. Processed as the rabbit fur and sold in skins or panels 60x120 cm.

Patchwork panels

Fox, Mink, Sheepskin, Finnracoon, Coyote, etc.

Our range of patchwork panels includes scraps of rabbit, fox, mink, coyote, Finraccoon, Astakan and more. They can be dyed and manufactured on customer request. The measures of the panels change according to the leather chosen.


pelli di canguro stampato, canguro cuoio nappa, canguro cuoio suede, cangurocuoio  brillante

The kangaroo skins (size about 0.5 square meters) are soft and can be an elegant alternative to shearling or cavallino skins.

The fur (shaved or long) can be printed and is available in nappa leather, suede leather or with a brilliant finishing.