Our company

Italpel was founded in 1983 as a tannery producing and trading  Rabbit fur, a field in which it has specialized at an excellent level. Since that time it expanded its core business, including all types of goats and lambs (as Cashmere goat fur, Kalgan lamb fur), Kangaroo furFoxesMinksRaccoonsRex rabbit furShearling and Sheep skins for lining for the apparel industry, footwear, furniture and accessories.

The manufacturing processes and technologies make it possible to meet various customer needs, always staying at the forefront of quality products and of proposals for new materials, according with international standards.
Relying on a well-stocked warehouse, manufacturing offers are many and include: printing, laser engraving, shaving, application of adhesive canvas, processing of leather.

Thanks to our know-how and experience, we can manufacturing finished and semi-finished products such as garments, edges and collars or articles for furniture industry like carpets, blankets and pillows.


The wide variety of items has been enriched with exotic skins  like water snakes (Homalopsis Buccata), sea snakes (Lapemis Hardwickii), earth snakes (Elaphe Carinata and Elaphe Radiata) and fish skins and panels like Salmons and Eels.


Italpel can also supply top quality faux furs replicating all types of furs.